Why Twitter Is Beneficial

April 11, 2009

So many people are still very reluctant to get on twitter. And there are some that don’t know how it can be beneficial. Well one you are communicating with the people you would WANT around you. Also, it’s a great way to promote your project (as long as one doesn’t fill a person’s @replies with “Download my music at…”). And lastly, you get AWESOME advice for free! Favorite’s of mine so far include @djjudgemental, @tjsdjs, @jawar, and @msrivercity

Don’t believe me? Take a look (also, feel free to click the links):

PR tip 1 U need a professional photo shoot. Makes ur myspace more official (via @msrivercity) Don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter

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March 25, 2009


Few artists await their solo debut after already being featured on a certified gold album, and lyricist Rashaan “Punchline” Truell is by far not a newcomer to this industry. Being surrounded by the conscious hip-hop scene, Punchline first found his calling in high school, writing rhymes in the back of class. From there, he formed the three member group, Uprising. After losing one member of the group, Punchline met up with upcoming rapper Wordsworth. After losing another original member of Uprising, Punchline and Wordsworth continued to work together and became the duo Punch ‘N’ Words.

Punch ‘N’ Words began making the rounds on the national underground Hip Hop open mic circuit. Audiences immediately responded to their conversational chemistry and the duo rapidly developed a loyal fan base. Punchline managed to meet with the Trackmasters and immediately provided them a demo after an impromptu freestyle. Recognizing Punchline’s talent, the Trackmasters signed Punchline and Wordsworth to their label under the Sony imprint. Punchline’s love for hip-hop made him an instant studio rat. Punch sat in on sessions with Kool G Rap, Noreaga, Nas, Heavy D, and more. While Noreaga was doing a video interview for the Shades of Hip Hop DVD, a freestyle session sparked between Punchline, Noreaga, 50 cent, and Consequence. After seeing the DVD, Kid Capri then enlisted Punchline to feature on “One on One,” a single which Capri featured on his album Soundtrack to the Streets.

Throughout the years, Punchline continued to build a name for his self. He wrote a track on Joe Pesci’s album called “Wise Guy” and began co-writing for MTV’s Lyricist Lounge Show. After performing with Wordsworth at the Lyricist Lounge Show in 1997, event host Q-Tip was so impressed that he enlisted Wordsworth and Punchline to perform on “Rock Rock, Y’all,” the closing track on A Tribe Called Quest’s 1998 gold-certified album The Love Movement. Later that same year the duo was also featured on Black Star’s “Twice Inna Lifetime.” Punch ‘N’ Words were considered a part of Q-Tip’s production collective called The Ummah. In 2001, Punchline and Wordsworth released their self-titled EP, “Punch-N-Words” which was released through Mona Hip Hop, a label started by Punchline.

After recording the EP, Punchline and Wordsworth was the opening act for the Disposable Arts tour with Masta Ace. While on tour, rumors began that a group was forming. What was originally started as a rumor in 2001, by 2006 the rumor birthed the idea for the formation of eMC, a group consisting of Masta Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth, and Stricklin. While working on the eMC project, Punchline continued working in the studio writing for albums and working with artists such as Free of 106 and Park, Lil’ Kim, Fatman Scoop, and 50 cent. Punchline also recorded a track with Deemi which was produced by Midi Mafia and released through Commercial Free, a company formed by Punchline. Finally in 2008, eMC released the album “The Show” which featured production from Ayatollah, 9th Wonder, Frequency, and Nicolay. The album has been proclaimed by DJ Premier to be one of the greatest albums of the year. All the artists from eMC then decided to continue to pursue their solo efforts.

Since July 2008, Punchline has been in the studio recording music for his solo debut, however he continues to tour with eMC and work with other artists. In the beginning of 2008, the Trackmasters presented him with an idea for a children’s cartoon for which he began writing songs for. While waiting for the release of the cartoon, which now has the support of Steve Rifkin’s SRC, Punchline continues to ghostwrite for artists and commercials. His latest work has been collaboration with artist Fokis on a project called “A Walk Through Myspace”. Fans can get a taste of what’s to come with Punchline’s mix tape with DJ Avee “On Smash Vol.1”, has seen approximately 20,000 downloads since it’s release in October 2008. When asked why he continues to push forward, Punchline states, “Being an emcee is still fun to me. I want to bring fun back to hip-hop. It’s time for real lyricism to be bought back to a forefront.”

For interviews and press inquiries please contact: starlitpr@gmail.com

For bookings please contact: punchindahouse@aol.com

Congrats to Lil Ru and SDM!

March 12, 2009




Tai Saint-Louis

An’ What?! Marketing


Stupid Dope Moves Secures Deal with Def Jam to Introduce South Carolina’s First Major Hip-Hop Artist

New Def Jam Signee Lil Ru Already Impacting Billboard Charts

ATLANTA, GA – March 11, 2009 – Famed radio personality Charlamagne Tha God is proud to announce the transition of South Carolina rapper Lil Ru from his Stupid Dope Moves (SDM) lifestyle brand to Hip-Hop powerhouse Def Jam Records. Following extensive negotiations, with the support and assistance from the Stupid Dope Moves infrastructure, Ru finalized his recording contract with the label this week, making him the first South Carolina Hip-Hop artist to land a major recording contract.

The pioneering move is only the most recent for Lil Ru, who attained great success as an independent artist while signed to Stupid Dope Moves. Since first emerging on the scene, the Columbia, South Carolina native has had a string of regional hits, garnering the attention of national Carolina powerhouses like DJ B-Lord, DJ Chuck T and SDM co-founders Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Frosty.com of Columbia’s The Beat 100.1 (WXBT-FM). As a member of the SDM family and through strong ties with local indie label Headhunter Records, it was only a matter of time before Ru’s exposure went from regional to a national audience thanks to features on MTV Jams and BET.com. Now with his current single landing the #88 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and nominated for the 2008 Southern Entertainment Award for Song of the Year, Lil Ru is positioned to blaze a new trail for his home state.

For Charlamagne Tha God, Lil Ru’s success is only the first example of the results of his well-executed vision. Since its inception, Stupid Dope Moves has aimed to bring awareness to North and South Carolina’s vast urban talent pool, which remains widely ignored despite the success of artists like Petey Pablo and Little Brother. The lifestyle brand’s alliance with Headhunter Records further guarantees the Carolina movement’s success. Owned and operated by producer 9 Mill and Lil Bo, Headhunter Records is home to a roster of bonafide stars in the making, including Lil Broad, whose single “Do You Mind” is currently gaining regional momentum. “Stupid Dope Moves and Headhunter Records are just positioning ourselves to be what Poe Boi and Slip ‘n Slide are to Florida; what Swisha House and Rap-A-Lot or to Texas,” explains the former co-host of the syndicated Wendy Williams Experience radio show. “South Carolina and the Carolinas in general are the next region to blow in this Southern Rap movement, which means we are the next region to blow period. Lil Ru is just the beginning. We’ve got an army of artist on deck: Marley Marl, Statehouse, Primo Star, Arab, Lil Brod, Collard Greens; the list goes on. We also have a bevy of producers like 9 Mill, Tony Gunz, Midi Marc, and Vendetta who are bringing a new sound to the game. We built for this…Allah Loves Us.”

About Stupid Dope Moves, Inc.

Owned by Charlamagne, DJFrosty.com and Kevin “P.P.G.” Hunter, Stupid Dope Moves, Inc. made it’s presence known in 2008 with the release of South Crack “The Album” via Lightyear/EMI. The compilation, which showcased South Carolina’s most promising artists, has sold over 16,000 units to date. It has also yielded two Southern Entertainment Award nominations, with both “Hood Hard Reloaded,” featuring Lil Ru and Mac A Don, and “I’m Clean” featuring Headhunter recording artist Collard Greens nominated for Song of the Year. For more information, please visit http://www.stupiddopemoves.com or contact Tai Saint-Louis with An’ What?! Marketing at sdm@anwhatmarketing.net or 678.793.6179.


March 24th is right around the corner

March 3, 2009

Hmmm so as I was driving to my J.O.B., I heard Ryan Cameron and DJ Jaycee speak on Keri Hilson talking about someone on her “Turnin Me On” remix. Is it Bey Bey or someone else? Who knows??? Take a listen and tell me for yourself!

Download Links:
www.starlitpronline.com/music/keri_hilson-turning_me_on_remix_2_feat._lil_wayne_and_t-pain.mp3 (left click and save as)
P.S. – Great marketing on Polow’s part! There’s Keri’s Decatur side!

Behind the Scenes of “Turnin Me On” – Keri Hilson ft. Lil Wayne

February 19, 2009

Behind the Scenes – Keri Hilson and Lil Wayne

I’m sorry, it has taken FOREVER to post this 😀

Anyways, check out the behind the scenes of Keri Hilson and Lil Wayne for “Turnin Me On”. Catch Lil’ Wayne talking about his daughter’s bday and playing with SNL’s puppy (from The Girls Club). It’s amazing to see how great both artists were on set!

Bizz – Prince of NJ

February 18, 2009

There is a new artist in town and he goes by the name of Bizz. Check him out on The Deal doing Spit Ya Game. Can you guess who he attacking?

Yes, that is Q Parker of 112 next to him! Grab the single by Bizz – In A Minute ft. Q of 112! Check back for more freestyles from this artist!

Ms Brown – Wonderland

February 16, 2009

December of 2007, I saw this artist (then by the name Chinkie Brown) at my homeboy’s showcase (shout out to Antonio Starr, Urban Acres and Blow Yourself Up Showcase). I remember that everyone was talking amongst themselves until Ms. Brown took the stage. We ALL were in awe and there we saw a twinkle of a star….enjoy!

Twitter Welcomes Music Royalty into the World

February 1, 2009

For those that know me, I live on twitter. Haha! A lot of movers and shakers on there. Even some celebrities! Feel free to check me and my crazy ranting from time to time at @starlitpr. Anyhow, twitter history was made when JayElectronica and Erykah Badu tweeted the home birth of their baby. See pics below (click to enlarge):

Erykah Badus Twitter Page

Erykah Badu's Twitter Page

aww how sweet!!!

aww how sweet!!!

Many congrats to the fam! Our first twitter celeb birth!
Oh and check my girl necolebitchie for her version!! Classic!

LeftEye’s Album Release

January 30, 2009

Tuesday Night in Atlanta, Lisa “LeftEye” Lopes’ family held an album release for Eye Legacy at Ten Pin Alley. Fun times was had by all, especially the host Ronnie Devoe 🙂

View more pics at: LeftEye’s Album Release Pics on Flickr

Charlamagne Speaks for the New Year

January 4, 2009

Happy New Year! Just some food for thought for all my peoples!!
Intelligence is the new gangsta. In fact, intelligence is the old gangsta but it’s the new gangsta to this generation because we have been dumbed down for so long that we either forgot, never knew or just didn’t acknowledge being intelligent was the most gangsta way to be to begin with. 2009 is going to be the year of the righteous and the year of the thinker. 2009 begins an era where knowledge truly does reign supreme over almost everyone.  (Word to KRS) in fact 09 is a divine year.  If you are familiar with Supreme Mathematics then you know that nine is born.  You are born once physically then you are born again mentally when you learn the true and proper knowledge of yourself.  For example Malcolm Little was born physically May 19, 1925 but was reborn mentally some where between 1945 and 1952.  This is when he was incarcerated and introduced to the Nation of Islam when he learned the true and proper knowledge of himself.  He was mentally reborn El Hajj Malik Shabazz commonly known as Malcolm X. 
I’m not saying that in 2009 everyone is going to convert to Islam and change their name but what I am saying is that nine symbolizes the highest level of change. Change is the basis of growth.Growth is the basis of life and if you are not constantly growing then you are dying. I
say that all the time because I want people to really grasp that concept of thinking. The energy of change is all around us right now. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Barack Obama’s whole campaign was based on change? Is it just random he is called the “Agent of Change”? Hell no that’s divine. God designed it that way. His administration starts this year and if you voted for him you are part of his government. I voted for the first time ever last year. That alone is the direct reflection of the growth that change delivers but it doesn’t stop there. 
We have to continue the growth process. The way we do that is by educating ourselves. We have to be the bright, articulate, scholars gangstas and gentlemen that we where born to be.  Education is sexy! Being smart is the shit! I know that last line wasn’t the most eloquent way of putting it but I made my point to the people I was trying to reach. That is the beauty of hip hop and it’s the exact reason that hip hop has been the most influential voice among the youth for the past three decades.  It speaks right to us, in our language in our voice.
The problem with hip hop today is most artists are not in tune with what is really going on out here in these streets.  Some of them are too busy playing stupid to realize things are changing.  People are growing and not trying to hear that murder, murder, gangbanging, drug selling, drug using, I will shoot everybody on your block twice, money is all I glorify bullshit they been kicking anymore.  People are trying to be educated and informed not misguided and misled.  Salute to all the rappers that encouraged the youth  to vote last year. That sounded real cute at all the award shows, on 106 & Park and in in your interviews in XXL and Ozone but how many of you artist have really taken the time to educate yourselves on  government? Obama is the president elect but the problems in our society didn’t magically disappear when he won.  We have to continue to encourage the youth to educate themselves on what’s going on in these streets as well as government before they get discouraged.
They’re going to start to wonder why Obama is in the white house but people still keep getting killed in our communites. Obama is in the White House but mama still complaining about money because of this thing called the recession.  Educate the babies people add gas to the spark that has been lit in these young peoples minds. My TV stays on news and sports channels. These television executives wonder why shows like Real Chance of Love are suffering in ratings?  You know why, because that demographic you thought was in to this mindless nonsense is in to Obama now.  They are trying to figure out ways to work for their community not work for Diddy.  50 Cent’s show Money and the Power got cancelled by MTV. Why? Declining viewership among 12-34 year olds.  MTV wants to revamp their image. Brian Graden, President of Entertainment at MTV Network’s music channels and President of logo says, “Our shows are going to focus less on loud and silly hooks and more on young people proving themselves.” These are themes that are consistent with the Obama generation. Wow even MTV realizes change has come, even MTV realizes intelligence is the new gangsta. 
Rappers, Radio Personalities, bloggers and anyone with a voice, we don’t have to dumb down for our audiences.  People want to be educated!  Intelligence is the new gangsta.  Dave Chappelle and the Boondocks are perfect examples of how you can educate and entertain.  Killer Mike and Ice Cube are perfect examples of real gangsta rap.  Why?  Cause Saying fuck another rapper is easy but saying fuck George Bush takes balls.  There is nothing wrong with worldstarhiphop and mediatakeout.com but your mental diet can not just consist of the bullshit content that’s on those sites.  Sure its entertaining to watch Max B clown Jim Jones for the 1000th time, and I love to see Tony Yayo talk shit about everybody but I love being enlightned more.  Go to  Finalcall.com and read Minister Farrakhan’s True Role of Government.  In it he says Education is not a privelage, education is a human right.  It is knowledge that seperates the human from the beast, therefore, the best possible education should be given by government and guaranteed by government.  Otherwise the government is not guaranteeing the unalienable right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I say not only demand it from our government but demand it from ourselves.  If you are not in school or college go to the library!  Self education is like masterbation!  I don’t need to pay anybody to fuck me!  The library got all the knowledge I need for free.  Better yet I can google what it is I’m trying to learn about. Intelligence is the new gangsta.
Remember that old cartoon that showed the brother with the gun and his pants hanging off his ass and the bandana around his mouth and everybody was laughing at him?  Doesn’t that remind you of your favorite rapper?  Well in the same cartoon it showed a brother in a graduation cap and gown with a degree in his hand and everybody was running and screaming scared to death. You know why because intelligence has always been gangsta! My little cousin is in 9th grade he’s all caught up in SWAG.  He says, “I got SWAG.”  “Check out my SWAG.” I tried to explain to him that SWAG is corny and it is just away for a man to call another man sexy, but then I realized I have to speak to him in his language.  That is when I let him know that SWAG means to Study, Work, and Graduate. Study hard and get that education that is your human right because you are a citizen of the US.  Work hard, get a job, or a internship while your’e in school; get your hands dirty now so you can keep them clean later by being the boss.  And for Christ sake please graduate!!!  Take that jewel with you all through high school and college little homie.  For those not in school SWAG means to Study, Work, and Grow!  Study learn everything you can about God, government, life and business.  Work hard at making your community a better place to live, work hard at raising your seeds the right way and getting your family straight, and don’t be afraid to grow and become the kings and queens that we are destined to be.  That is S.W.A.G!!  Not skinny jeans, colorful sneakers, lip peircings and all that other bullshit Lil Wayne got going on.  
Intelligence is the old Gangsta, Smart is the Old Sexy and 2009 is the rebirth of the thinker, don’t be afraid to express your unique brilliance, and God given genius.This is the era that Knowledge will reign supreme over nearly everyone. Happy New Year America.

Charlamagne Tha God
Shadyville Dj’s
I Bust Stupid Dope Moves!

(also seen at SOHH Atlanta)