Video Vixens the Most Influential Women in HipHop?

Recently, Isis Wisdom posted a question on regarding how in the HELL did the most influential women in Hip-Hop become strippers/video vixens/hos.  Below is my reply…give me your thoughts!!

I feel ya Isis.  I am around many young girls sometimes and yes, there are some girls who want to be power figures but from what I see…a lot are S-H-I-T (strippers and hoes in training).  Coming from the Core DJ Retreat (which I truly enjoyed), I went from one party where “girls” where shaking their ass trying to get on camera.  The guys were literally taking pictures with their camera phones!  And you know where those guys went later? To the strip club to pay girls doing the same damn thing!!!  I’m not saying to dance for money.  But why degrade yourself even more on camera for free??  It doesn’t make any sense.  It’s why I personally applaude Isis, Kim Ellis, Wendy Day, Rovella Williams, Ace, Kim Osorio, and a list of others I may not have mentioned.  I do not see these women bent over with their coochie in the camera, but I do see them handling BUSINESS.

Ladies…handle your business and PLEASE leave the ass-shaking for your man at HOME!!!

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