Almost Famous Evolution of the Indy Label


Verseus Entertainment Group pays tribute to the indie label!

Atlanta, GA – July 21, 2008- Atlanta is the birthplace to some of today’s most successful independent music labels.  Join Almost Famous as they celebrate the launch of the newest independent label on the block, Drift City Records, home to R&B girl group Myxx, rapper Young Bree and Grammy-award winning R&B artist, Q. Parker from 112. “Evolution Of The Indie Label” will be held at The Mark Ultra Lounge on Tuesday, July 22nd with a private pre-mixer held at the Drift City Records office with live music from DJ Judge Mental and complimentary cocktails.

 Who:      Rovella Williams with Verseus Entertainment Group and Drift City Records’ president Ian Burke and dynamic roster including Q. Parker (112), Young Bree and Myxx

 What:  Evolution of The Indie Label Pre-Mixer & Party
“Do it yourself”, “Travel your own path”, “Find a way or make one” are what the ambitious strived on to become the successes they are today.  Join us at an industry soiree surrounding the success of the independent music label. 

PRIVATE: Tuesday July 22, 2008
Private Pre-Mixer  Cocktail Reception (7pm -10pm)
RSVP for location details

Evolution of the Indie Label (Doors Open at 10pm)
The Mark Ultra Lounge
79 Poplar Street
Atlanta, GA 30303


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2 Responses to “Almost Famous Evolution of the Indy Label”

  1. Jayson Says:

    How was this event? Report?

  2. StarLIT PR Says:

    The Pre-Party at Drift City was great! View pics on The anniversary was cool, people were hating cuz it was at the GWCC

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