Why Twitter Is Beneficial

So many people are still very reluctant to get on twitter. And there are some that don’t know how it can be beneficial. Well one you are communicating with the people you would WANT around you. Also, it’s a great way to promote your project (as long as one doesn’t fill a person’s @replies with “Download my music at…”). And lastly, you get AWESOME advice for free! Favorite’s of mine so far include @djjudgemental, @tjsdjs, @jawar, and @msrivercity

Don’t believe me? Take a look (also, feel free to click the links):

PR tip 1 U need a professional photo shoot. Makes ur myspace more official (via @msrivercity) Don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter

Feel free to click my favorites @starlitpr to see more inspirational and even funny quotes!

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