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Music Industry and Frenemies

June 8, 2008

Recently, with the music industry in disarray, it seems like everyone is going at it.  First we had the awesome comments to DJs from the fan favorite: Lil’ Wayne

Here the audio of both the interview with Foundation Magazine and Aphilliates Radio on

Then of course there was the reply of DJs (and non-DJs).  The biggest being the fact that Chuck T leaked the album on the net (read the article at  This sparked another movement by the DJs (mainly Dj Judge Mental, Crazy Eddie, and Dj Panic to name a few)  At least we are moving forward here!

Well the fight didn’t stop there.  Next was the comments made by the Infamous Jermaine Dupri.  He stated that the DJ was dead.  Although I don’t believe he meant ALL DJs (JD is a DJ if ya’ll read up on him), he definately ruffled a few feathers.  Greg Street speaks back on (also documented on  Hittmenn Djs stand up!

Then Janet wants out from Def Jam and Warner splits with  I mean what gives?  We got to do better!  Let me know your thoughts how we can fix this…