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Latest Thoughts from Nick Love

April 3, 2008

All upcoming musicians and “indy” labels take heed…promoters, marketers, publicists, DJs – we do not come cheap!  Our contacts, our time, and your stupidity is factored into our price.  Below is the latest blog from Nick Love (

This morning, I woke up

Feeling like money, I jumped up. . .

Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened this morning at 8:44am.  I popped up outta bed and ran to my computer to type this blog.  Don’t know where it came from.  I didn’t listen to Rocko’s CD last night.  Nothing traumatic has happened lately.  I didn’t have a bad dream.  And, except for the fact that I’m not officially a millionaire yet, I don’t have any money problems.  But, for whatever reason, this was on my mind.

As of today (March 26, 2008), the tagline next to my picture says “NOW THAT I KNOW WHAT I’M WORTH, I REALIZE THAT YA’LL AIN’T BEEN PAYING ME ENOUGH”.  This isn’t a new revelation.  It’s just something that I decided to put up this week.  However, there are several stories behind that statement.

As a Marketing and Promotions specialist, I provide a professional service for people and/or companies that have something they want to sell.  EVERYONE could use my service – rappers, singers, clothing boutiques, magazines, liquor companies, fashion lines, and the list goes on and on.  If you have a product – you need my services (or the services of someone like me).  After all, what happens when you create something and no one knows. . . .NOTHING.

Sadly, I run into people ALL THE TIME that seem to put NO VALUE on Marketing and Promotions.  Or, in most cases, they put VERY LITTLE value on it.  Usually these people FAIL and they have no idea why.

Well, here’s why – you spent $10,000 on your product and then $100 on the promo for it.  IDIOT!!!!  I can’t tell you the number of meetings I’ve sat in where someone just opened up a new store, started a music label, created a magazine, or is putting out a CD, and we end up having a BS conversation like:

DUMMY: “Yo, me and my investors have put over $250,000 into this thing so we really need this thing to pop”

ME: “Okay, cool.  Well what all are you looking for me to do??”

DUMMY: “Man, we need the whole kit and kaboodle – street teams, PR, graphic design, Myspace, radio, the works!!!!  We want the press to know, the DJs to know, we want the world to know!!!!”

ME: “Okay, cool.  Well for all of that, me and my company could do it for around $____ (can’t tell you that here, call me for a quote, LOL.  Just know that it’s fair and reasonable for my level of expertise, experience, and relationships). 

DUMMY: “Damn, homey.  We was thinking more along the lines of like $100.  Maybe $250 max (exaggeration).  Or, we could pay you on the back end when we start making money”. 

ME: “Man, I should beat your muthaf . . .” (you get the idea)

And, this is the RULE not the exception.  I know plenty of people who offer a similar service (no one can do it quite like me, LOL) who have horror stories as bad or worse than mine.  And, quite honestly, ITS DISGUSTING!!!! 

You telling me  you want me to bust my ass, call in favors, short my people, and run cross town everyday so YOU can make THOUSANDS (in some case MILLIONS) of dollars in exchange for what amounts to GAS MONEY pretty much.  FUCK THAT!!!  My damn T-Mobile bill is $300/month.  WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU EVEN TRY ME LIKE THAT??  And, the fact that you would even utter some shit like “pay me on the back end” is RIDICULOUS!!!  Think about it.  What if you don’t pay me??  I can’t take my work back!!!  That’s the problem with providing a SERVICE.

So, from now on, FUCK YOU, PAY ME!!!  As a matter of fact, don’t just pay me, I WANT IN.  Since I’m doing ALL the work and you dudes is just putting up the money (in most cases), we’re 50/50 partners from here on in. 

There’s an old saying that goes – “You don’t get paid what you deserve, you get paid what you negotiate”.  Well, I’m at the table right now ready to deal and THIS AIN’T NO POKER FACE!!!!

Let’s get it!!!

Shout out to all the Marketers, Publicists, DJs, etc of the world who feel like I feel.


Why Some Artist Do Not Move Forward

April 2, 2008

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Recently an artist made a call to one of my clients – Dj Judge Mental.  Please click the audio above to hear how it went.  Artists – Learn how to label your mp3s!!!
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Video Vixens the Most Influential Women in HipHop?

March 31, 2008

Recently, Isis Wisdom posted a question on regarding how in the HELL did the most influential women in Hip-Hop become strippers/video vixens/hos.  Below is my reply…give me your thoughts!!

I feel ya Isis.  I am around many young girls sometimes and yes, there are some girls who want to be power figures but from what I see…a lot are S-H-I-T (strippers and hoes in training).  Coming from the Core DJ Retreat (which I truly enjoyed), I went from one party where “girls” where shaking their ass trying to get on camera.  The guys were literally taking pictures with their camera phones!  And you know where those guys went later? To the strip club to pay girls doing the same damn thing!!!  I’m not saying to dance for money.  But why degrade yourself even more on camera for free??  It doesn’t make any sense.  It’s why I personally applaude Isis, Kim Ellis, Wendy Day, Rovella Williams, Ace, Kim Osorio, and a list of others I may not have mentioned.  I do not see these women bent over with their coochie in the camera, but I do see them handling BUSINESS.

Ladies…handle your business and PLEASE leave the ass-shaking for your man at HOME!!!

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