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Congrats to Lil Ru and SDM!

March 12, 2009




Tai Saint-Louis

An’ What?! Marketing

Stupid Dope Moves Secures Deal with Def Jam to Introduce South Carolina’s First Major Hip-Hop Artist

New Def Jam Signee Lil Ru Already Impacting Billboard Charts

ATLANTA, GA – March 11, 2009 – Famed radio personality Charlamagne Tha God is proud to announce the transition of South Carolina rapper Lil Ru from his Stupid Dope Moves (SDM) lifestyle brand to Hip-Hop powerhouse Def Jam Records. Following extensive negotiations, with the support and assistance from the Stupid Dope Moves infrastructure, Ru finalized his recording contract with the label this week, making him the first South Carolina Hip-Hop artist to land a major recording contract.

The pioneering move is only the most recent for Lil Ru, who attained great success as an independent artist while signed to Stupid Dope Moves. Since first emerging on the scene, the Columbia, South Carolina native has had a string of regional hits, garnering the attention of national Carolina powerhouses like DJ B-Lord, DJ Chuck T and SDM co-founders Charlamagne Tha God and DJ of Columbia’s The Beat 100.1 (WXBT-FM). As a member of the SDM family and through strong ties with local indie label Headhunter Records, it was only a matter of time before Ru’s exposure went from regional to a national audience thanks to features on MTV Jams and Now with his current single landing the #88 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and nominated for the 2008 Southern Entertainment Award for Song of the Year, Lil Ru is positioned to blaze a new trail for his home state.

For Charlamagne Tha God, Lil Ru’s success is only the first example of the results of his well-executed vision. Since its inception, Stupid Dope Moves has aimed to bring awareness to North and South Carolina’s vast urban talent pool, which remains widely ignored despite the success of artists like Petey Pablo and Little Brother. The lifestyle brand’s alliance with Headhunter Records further guarantees the Carolina movement’s success. Owned and operated by producer 9 Mill and Lil Bo, Headhunter Records is home to a roster of bonafide stars in the making, including Lil Broad, whose single “Do You Mind” is currently gaining regional momentum. “Stupid Dope Moves and Headhunter Records are just positioning ourselves to be what Poe Boi and Slip ‘n Slide are to Florida; what Swisha House and Rap-A-Lot or to Texas,” explains the former co-host of the syndicated Wendy Williams Experience radio show. “South Carolina and the Carolinas in general are the next region to blow in this Southern Rap movement, which means we are the next region to blow period. Lil Ru is just the beginning. We’ve got an army of artist on deck: Marley Marl, Statehouse, Primo Star, Arab, Lil Brod, Collard Greens; the list goes on. We also have a bevy of producers like 9 Mill, Tony Gunz, Midi Marc, and Vendetta who are bringing a new sound to the game. We built for this…Allah Loves Us.”

About Stupid Dope Moves, Inc.

Owned by Charlamagne, and Kevin “P.P.G.” Hunter, Stupid Dope Moves, Inc. made it’s presence known in 2008 with the release of South Crack “The Album” via Lightyear/EMI. The compilation, which showcased South Carolina’s most promising artists, has sold over 16,000 units to date. It has also yielded two Southern Entertainment Award nominations, with both “Hood Hard Reloaded,” featuring Lil Ru and Mac A Don, and “I’m Clean” featuring Headhunter recording artist Collard Greens nominated for Song of the Year. For more information, please visit or contact Tai Saint-Louis with An’ What?! Marketing at or 678.793.6179.



Dirt Law Dirt 9-27-08

September 27, 2008
Enjoy the Dirt Law Dirt airing on Dirt Law Radio on WXBT ( Courtesy of L and Dj Judge Mental.

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Can I avoid the Internet and Just Stick to What I Know?

August 22, 2008

Most artist/consultants are used to the old school method of promoting/distributing records. There is a new age out there and we must understand it.  I found this interesting article over at New Music Strageties and will be referencing them quite a bit.

Any questions about your internet promotion plan, please feel free to contact me at


Almost Famous Evolution of the Indy Label

July 22, 2008


Verseus Entertainment Group pays tribute to the indie label!

Atlanta, GA – July 21, 2008- Atlanta is the birthplace to some of today’s most successful independent music labels.  Join Almost Famous as they celebrate the launch of the newest independent label on the block, Drift City Records, home to R&B girl group Myxx, rapper Young Bree and Grammy-award winning R&B artist, Q. Parker from 112. “Evolution Of The Indie Label” will be held at The Mark Ultra Lounge on Tuesday, July 22nd with a private pre-mixer held at the Drift City Records office with live music from DJ Judge Mental and complimentary cocktails.

 Who:      Rovella Williams with Verseus Entertainment Group and Drift City Records’ president Ian Burke and dynamic roster including Q. Parker (112), Young Bree and Myxx

 What:  Evolution of The Indie Label Pre-Mixer & Party
“Do it yourself”, “Travel your own path”, “Find a way or make one” are what the ambitious strived on to become the successes they are today.  Join us at an industry soiree surrounding the success of the independent music label. 

PRIVATE: Tuesday July 22, 2008
Private Pre-Mixer  Cocktail Reception (7pm -10pm)
RSVP for location details

Evolution of the Indie Label (Doors Open at 10pm)
The Mark Ultra Lounge
79 Poplar Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

StarLIT gets her own frenemies

June 8, 2008

Yesterday I posted a blog about everyone going at in the music industry.  Today, StarLIT PR gets her first frenemy in the industry.  As a relatively new, but well connected promoter in the industry, I reached out to another promoter for help on an event.  Between phone calls and emails, I had not heard a response.  That is until today.  It was foul mouthed and to me, rather funny.  So, I decided to respond:

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I definitely have emails to YOU that date back as far as January in regards to this event.  I’ve written almost every month without a response from you or anyone from (your company*).  In March, I even offered to barter services but once again there was no reply.  Yes, at the end of May, your assistant did reach out to me.  I felt that since, we have promoted previous events without you asking and even took the (company*) flyers for THIS event to Columbia, SC, that maybe something could be worked out to benefit both sides.  I also felt that since Dj Judge Mental has supported and spread knowledge at your events for quite some time now, that you would be willing to show love to those who were there for you early on.  Between the emails and phone calls that I made (your phone would go straight to voicemail and the mailbox was full), I still had NO REPLY from you.  If there was an issue, I was always willing to work it out.  My clients were willing to pay for sponsorships, all you had to do was ask.  But no, YOU waited until 3 weeks before the event to get fed up with “my approach” and finally respond by not helping either side.  You have a very bad business about yourself and because of that, everyone will continue not helping your cause.  Thank you for the promo that you have done and I wish you luck in your future events.

I tried being civil and end it there.  No?  It couldn’t end there.  So here is the reply, as expected.  Angry and full of spelling errors as usual:

My mailbox is never full, I keep my phone close at all times, and rarely miss any calls.  Rarely. I have never gotten any correspondence from you concerning my events. Not once. The only time you have ever reached out to me was when i spelled judgemental’s name wrong on Sylvia’s flyers and i responded promptly because that was an email i actually received from you. Bad business??? Do you understand the meaning of the word business?? There is absolutely no one that can say that i owe them any money, or that they have not received fair or above fair treatment for anything they have paid or hired me to do. Now if having bad business about myself means I wont allow people in the industry to use me for what ever they can take for free, and then turn around and secretly wish  that my endeavors fail, or to basically work my ass off and then give it away to my counterparts because this means we are “networking” or “grinding” together than fine, label me that, but that is not the meaning of the word “business”. I think the problem is that i have to much business about myself, and will not kiss ass or stay still just to make other people happy.  Odviously I have no problem showing love to anyone, i have put judge on 3 of my last set of flyers, in my radio commercials, in my paper, hell i have done more pr work for him than you, so showing love has never been a problem for me. Of course you don’t see any of this . This was all before she reached out to you for a email blast, which was her own doing not mine  …. she was not asking your to do a full blown campaign for my event, she was asking you for a simple email blast, like i do for tj chapman, like he does for me, like i do for ozone, like they do for me, greenhitz, musicpowers, etc.  As for your clients paying for sponsorships, what would i ask you for that for?? They are your clients, if they were interested in my events its your job to approach me for info on sponsorships, why do i need to write or call up personally and ask???  Keep your luck wish, i have a feeling its not the  “good” kind, and tell  the “everyone” you mentioned in your second to last statement they can kiss my ass.

This is not the first time I had to cut ties with anyone.  And yes, my wish for good luck always comes from the heart.  I truly apologize to everyone who has ties to both ends of this situation.  I continue to stick to my position and it’s unfortunate that there couldn’t be unity amongst us promoters.  I will see those friends/professionals at other events and continue to have the utmost respect for them.

* – this is me being nice and not mentioning the company’s name.

Update as of 6/12 – a public apology was attempted although not accepted by this promoter.  She claims it was not an apology although it contained the words “I apologize”.  I realized that not only does this woman want to have the last word, but it’s not worth my breath.

Music Industry and Frenemies

June 8, 2008

Recently, with the music industry in disarray, it seems like everyone is going at it.  First we had the awesome comments to DJs from the fan favorite: Lil’ Wayne

Here the audio of both the interview with Foundation Magazine and Aphilliates Radio on

Then of course there was the reply of DJs (and non-DJs).  The biggest being the fact that Chuck T leaked the album on the net (read the article at  This sparked another movement by the DJs (mainly Dj Judge Mental, Crazy Eddie, and Dj Panic to name a few)  At least we are moving forward here!

Well the fight didn’t stop there.  Next was the comments made by the Infamous Jermaine Dupri.  He stated that the DJ was dead.  Although I don’t believe he meant ALL DJs (JD is a DJ if ya’ll read up on him), he definately ruffled a few feathers.  Greg Street speaks back on (also documented on  Hittmenn Djs stand up!

Then Janet wants out from Def Jam and Warner splits with  I mean what gives?  We got to do better!  Let me know your thoughts how we can fix this…

Judge Changes His Views on Man Purses!!!

April 17, 2008

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Dj Judge Mental rethinks these Man-purses!  After blasting many (respectable) rappers about bragging about their handbags, I guess that would be bad getting your @ss beat by a bunch of thugs wearing purses.

Swag Songs and Gay Rappers

April 5, 2008

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Latest Thoughts from Nick Love

April 3, 2008

All upcoming musicians and “indy” labels take heed…promoters, marketers, publicists, DJs – we do not come cheap!  Our contacts, our time, and your stupidity is factored into our price.  Below is the latest blog from Nick Love (

This morning, I woke up

Feeling like money, I jumped up. . .

Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened this morning at 8:44am.  I popped up outta bed and ran to my computer to type this blog.  Don’t know where it came from.  I didn’t listen to Rocko’s CD last night.  Nothing traumatic has happened lately.  I didn’t have a bad dream.  And, except for the fact that I’m not officially a millionaire yet, I don’t have any money problems.  But, for whatever reason, this was on my mind.

As of today (March 26, 2008), the tagline next to my picture says “NOW THAT I KNOW WHAT I’M WORTH, I REALIZE THAT YA’LL AIN’T BEEN PAYING ME ENOUGH”.  This isn’t a new revelation.  It’s just something that I decided to put up this week.  However, there are several stories behind that statement.

As a Marketing and Promotions specialist, I provide a professional service for people and/or companies that have something they want to sell.  EVERYONE could use my service – rappers, singers, clothing boutiques, magazines, liquor companies, fashion lines, and the list goes on and on.  If you have a product – you need my services (or the services of someone like me).  After all, what happens when you create something and no one knows. . . .NOTHING.

Sadly, I run into people ALL THE TIME that seem to put NO VALUE on Marketing and Promotions.  Or, in most cases, they put VERY LITTLE value on it.  Usually these people FAIL and they have no idea why.

Well, here’s why – you spent $10,000 on your product and then $100 on the promo for it.  IDIOT!!!!  I can’t tell you the number of meetings I’ve sat in where someone just opened up a new store, started a music label, created a magazine, or is putting out a CD, and we end up having a BS conversation like:

DUMMY: “Yo, me and my investors have put over $250,000 into this thing so we really need this thing to pop”

ME: “Okay, cool.  Well what all are you looking for me to do??”

DUMMY: “Man, we need the whole kit and kaboodle – street teams, PR, graphic design, Myspace, radio, the works!!!!  We want the press to know, the DJs to know, we want the world to know!!!!”

ME: “Okay, cool.  Well for all of that, me and my company could do it for around $____ (can’t tell you that here, call me for a quote, LOL.  Just know that it’s fair and reasonable for my level of expertise, experience, and relationships). 

DUMMY: “Damn, homey.  We was thinking more along the lines of like $100.  Maybe $250 max (exaggeration).  Or, we could pay you on the back end when we start making money”. 

ME: “Man, I should beat your muthaf . . .” (you get the idea)

And, this is the RULE not the exception.  I know plenty of people who offer a similar service (no one can do it quite like me, LOL) who have horror stories as bad or worse than mine.  And, quite honestly, ITS DISGUSTING!!!! 

You telling me  you want me to bust my ass, call in favors, short my people, and run cross town everyday so YOU can make THOUSANDS (in some case MILLIONS) of dollars in exchange for what amounts to GAS MONEY pretty much.  FUCK THAT!!!  My damn T-Mobile bill is $300/month.  WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU EVEN TRY ME LIKE THAT??  And, the fact that you would even utter some shit like “pay me on the back end” is RIDICULOUS!!!  Think about it.  What if you don’t pay me??  I can’t take my work back!!!  That’s the problem with providing a SERVICE.

So, from now on, FUCK YOU, PAY ME!!!  As a matter of fact, don’t just pay me, I WANT IN.  Since I’m doing ALL the work and you dudes is just putting up the money (in most cases), we’re 50/50 partners from here on in. 

There’s an old saying that goes – “You don’t get paid what you deserve, you get paid what you negotiate”.  Well, I’m at the table right now ready to deal and THIS AIN’T NO POKER FACE!!!!

Let’s get it!!!

Shout out to all the Marketers, Publicists, DJs, etc of the world who feel like I feel.

Why Some Artist Do Not Move Forward

April 2, 2008

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Recently an artist made a call to one of my clients – Dj Judge Mental.  Please click the audio above to hear how it went.  Artists – Learn how to label your mp3s!!!
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